Who we are?

Tabnomous is an innovative venture that focuses on developing autonomous operation solutions for industries. We not only provide autonomous capabilities to existing industrial vehicles such as pallet trucks and forklifts, but also offer autonomous operation solutions for more compact vehicles. At Tabnomous, we take pride in developing the essential components of autonomous operation, including electronic circuit boards, embedded and interface software, autonomous driving algorithms, and mechanical designs, using our own resources.

How we do?

We utilize an internally developed control module that provides commands, instructions, and communication with the Warehouse Management System (WMS) and other peripheral units. Additionally, we have developed a trigger module that activates the vehicle’s movement mechanism.

AVT (Autonomous Operation System)
Superior Features

AVT is a modular and wearable industrial system that provides autonomous operation capability, produced by the Tabnomous initiative. It has been developed in a structure that can be added as a central control and management unit to industrial transport vehicles such as pallet trucks, forklifts, or vehicles produced for autonomous operation such as AGV, AMR. It has a standard structure and can be quickly integrated into any structure, regardless of brand, model and vehicle type.

Wearable & modular

The AVT Autonomous Operation System is a wearable technology. It makes it possible to use all the features of the vehicle or system it is dressed in autonomously. It does not make any permanent mechanical, electronic and software interventions on the vehicle/system. With this feature, it can be easily applied to vehicles that are still under warranty and/or rented, as it does not violate the warranty scope and conditions.

fast actıvatıng

AVT provides autonomous operation for manual industrial vehicles in just one week, regardless of brand, model, or vehicle type. By implementing AVT, you can equip your existing vehicle with autonomous functionality, resulting in significant cost savings. Maintenance expenses can be reduced by at least 50% and personnel costs by at least 90%. AVT’s flexibility allows seamless integration with different vehicle types, ensuring compatibility with your current operations. Optimize your operations, improve efficiency, and achieve substantial cost reductions with AVT.

modular operatıonal features

AVT makes it possible for you to have extra capabilities such as barcode reading and object recognition that you will need for your operations, modularly according to your preference. In this way, it helps you automate your other operations as well as autonomous driving.

standart system

Standard and ready to use system. It can be used regardless of vehicle model and type. For example, you can remove the AVT Autonomous Operation System, which is installed and active on an A brand B model forklift, from the vehicle at any time with a very short work, and you can put the same system on a C brand D model reach truck and gain the ability to work autonomously quickly.

How we work?

As Tabnomous, we can implement the AVT system on any desired industrial vehicle or system within one week. Depending on the field conditions, we can have your vehicle or system up and running within a maximum of two months, ensuring a seamless and efficient deployment process.

Our Project Videos

Our AVT Autonomous Operation System has been actively operating in various fields for over 4000 hours. We are delighted to share some video examples of the operations we have successfully conducted. These videos showcase the capabilities and effectiveness of our system in real-world scenarios.

Packing Pallet Operation

Task Assignment
Taking the Pallet
Automatic Elevator Call

Robot Forklift First Tests

Task Assignment via Button
Narrow Space Maneuvers
Precision Taking the Pallet
Stretch Machine Pallet Release

Safety Area Test

Safe Zone Tests
Critical Safe Stand Test
Robot Forklift Loaded Stance

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