AVTv5 Autonomous Operation System

AVT’s V5 control module is designed as a retrofit solution, allowing seamless integration without the need for any permanent modifications on the vehicle. This eliminates the requirement for drilling holes, cutting or bending parts, or altering control cards, making it easily applicable to rental vehicles.

The AVT V5 operation system empowers the retrofitted vehicle with full autonomous functionality, enabling it to operate without limitations on lift height, speed, and other parameters. Operations can be customized and performed within the boundaries of the vehicle and operating environment, providing flexibility and adaptability. Furthermore, the retrofitted industrial transport vehicle retains the ability to switch seamlessly between autonomous and manual modes.

The autonomous vehicle operation system is agnostic to brand, model, and vehicle type. For instance, a system initially installed on a forklift can be effortlessly transferred to a different type of industrial transport vehicle, such as a pallet jack or reach truck, after a brief calibration process.

The conversion process for autonomous forklifts, pallet jacks, reach trucks, and turret trucks typically takes around one week per vehicle. The commissioning time may vary between 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the complexity and demands of the operating environment.

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ASMv6 Advanced Sensor Module

AVT Platform’s V6 series ASM (Advanced Sensor Module) – Advanced Sensor Module enables the plug-and-play usage of 2D and 3D area scanners (lidar, field scanner, etc.) without requiring any technical knowledge or engineering effort. It is compatible with widely preferred brands in the industry, such as SICK, Omron, Leuze, which are extensively used for high-security area scanning, obstacle detection, and distance measurement. It can operate both 2D and 3D area scanners.

The Advanced Sensor Module (ASM) can be utilized practically in various tasks across different industries. Its primary applications include:

AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) applications,

Autonomous conversion applications,

Autonomous forklift applications,

Autonomous pallet jack applications,

Industrial area scanning,

Security applications,

Areas utilizing 2D area scanning,

Areas utilizing 3D area scanning.

Safety Driving Assistant

The ASM provides enhanced sensing capabilities and expands the range of applications for AVT’s autonomous operation systems. By leveraging the compatibility with leading sensor brands, it offers reliable and efficient performance in diverse industrial environments.